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by Rabbi

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As we have just entered into a new biblical year celebrating the Lord's appointed time of Pesach, Chag HaMatzah we must live in the now of it all. Yeshua commanded his disciples to remember him at his last meal with them. Shortly after the resurrection, Peter is asked by Yeshua in John 21:18 "Do you love me?" In fact, Peter is asked this same question three times. Why? Truthfully, I do not know exactly but I would venture to say Peter seemed irritated by the Lord's questioning. But as we are giving thanks Eternal Father for sending His Son to die for the sins of the world it is important that we recognize the newness of Now! A now that seeks to ask us "do we love our Lord and King, Yeshua?" Do we live from the place where the Lord's questions do not irritate us?

There is the historical event of Yeshua' sacrifice but there are eternal effects that are rippling throughout the world right now. So often we are either looking at the past or thinking about the future. But right now is all that matters in God. The Exodus is not only a historical event. it is Israel’s redemption from the profound effects of Egyptian bondage on every person that left Egypt. We must see how bondage to anything will always get in the way our personal service of God. Every day every individual must regard themselves as if they had come out of Egypt that very day. In doing so we accept the Lord's Kingdom of Heaven daily as a now reality.

Coming out of bondage is a redemptive reality of being joined to the image of the Lord. Being joined to the image of the Lord is to accept His kingdom and His sovereignty. Acceptance is freedom. Freedom is the Lord's requirement. Freedom after any form of bondage is to enter into trust. When we genuinely live in the Lord's freedom we become servants only to God who says, "this nation have I redeemed." The manifestation redemption is the Eternal Father's light encompasses equally at every point of reality because salvation is absolute and complete. Regardless of size whether small or large, rich or poor, intelligent or simple everything is equalized at the cross of Messiah. Everything surrendered then and there is surrendered NOW and HERE!

The initial departure from the Garden of Eden, the first ever expulsion of mankind and the root of all exile and oppression no longer a cause of separation. There is a NEW NOW to be experienced filled with the Lord's promised covenant. Salvation is the last expulsion from worldly oppression into the Lord's life and unconditional love. We move from oppression to being the Lord's possession The potential of all life is always new and always now. Yeshua, as risen, ascended and seated King and Lord delivers us into the Lord's design.

In being His we must remain in Him who was, is and is always NOW NEW!!!!

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